What We Do

Interra Energy Services works with customers around the world to solve well completion challenges. Technology for Innovative Minds is more than our tagline, it’s our culture. We strive to be better, to be different, to be bold.

We don’t settle for second best. We always know there is a better way and it starts with you, our customer. Together, we examine the problem and develop innovative downhole tool technologies that address specific energy industry issues.

We’ve deployed 1,000s of tools in diverse wellbore environments and we continue to grow and develop to do more, reach more, solve more. With our wide array of completion systems, we can effectively execute in any horizontal completion play worldwide.

Check out some of our top completion systems:

Our patented array of tools are designed, engineered, field tested, manufactured and deployed with the Interra commitment to quality and value. Our objective is to provide safe, environmentally sound, economical solutions to increase completion efficiencies for you.

Our Mission

Creating innovative products through the eyes of unique people in a diversified work place.
— Interra Energy Services


The inspiration for Interra Energy Services was based on a drive to bring new, innovative, technologically advanced solutions to the global oil and gas market.

We throw out traditional and outdated processes by creating solutions to improve efficiency while acknowledging the global demand and our environmental responsibility. All Interra products reflect this enviro-conscious purpose.

We deployed our first tool in July 2010 after multiple research and development phases. We are confident that we offer a safer and more efficient product line than conventional methods.

Today, Interra is a trusted name in the oil and gas industry. We are proud of our accomplishments but this is only possible because of you – working with our customers – demonstrating that innovative minds are stronger together.