Thermal Overshot

Facilitates efficient recovery of parted tubulars in high-temperature SAGD environments.

Thermal Overshot NEW.png

Interra Energy’s Thermal Overshot is optimized for the high temperature environment of steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD). After the recovery of a parted tubular, this tool enables you to efficiently re-enter the wellbore and latch onto the remaining downhole injection string.

Features and Advantages

  • Used to replace parted tubulars
  • High temperature/high pressure (HTHP) internal seals
  • Designed to function without tension or compression to maintain the seal
  • Can be run in conjunction with AccuSteam™ injection system in a single deployment

Operational Procedure

The Thermal Overshot is run in hole and is then latched onto the existing steam injection string. An internal ratcheting mechanism is actuated by pulling on the bottom hole assembly (BHA). Through a proprietary slip mechanism, the tool creates a thermal seal around the existing casing, resulting in a continuous flow of steam from surface to the toe of the well.

The Thermal Overshot is designed to function without tension or compression, which enables it to maintain a thermal seal for the life of the well. The system is typically run in conjunction with Thermal Expansion joints, to ensure proper spacing out during installation.