Sniper 225

Stimulate up to 225 individual stages with a single ball size while maintaining a large wellbore ID.

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Interra Energy’s Sniper 225™ multistage system is the industry’s first compact, large bore, single size ball drop completion. It efficiently and selectively stimulates up to 225 stages in either open hole or cemented wellbores.

The proprietary Sniper 225 system offers dramatically increased stage counts with a minimum inside diameter (ID) restriction design, providing high-rate stimulation capability and access for future intervention. With the limited ID restriction throughout the lateral, drill outs are optional, enabling significant cost savings.

The Sniper 225 system is engineered to provide faster and more effective completions through a simple, reliable design.

features and Advantages

  • Single ball and seat size
    • Dramatically increases ball drop stage count without incurring ID restriction
    • Drastically reduces friction pressure enabling high stimulation rates from toe to heel
    • Post-stimulation drill out is optional
    • Allows for post-production intervention
  • Efficient ball drop stimulation
    • Instantaneous stage-to-stage transition
    • Requires less stimulation fluid than other completion methods
    • Reduces time on location results in cost savings
  • Simple, reliable design
    • Pressure indication at surface as ball passes each sleeve
    • Revolutionary locking mechanism eliminates partial shifts, or sleeves closing during production
    • Compact tool length eliminates the need for pup joints
  • Can be run in cemented or open hole completions
  • Can be installed at the toe of extended reach wells when coiled tubing limitations are exceeded
  • Can be integrated with other completion technologies to increase stage counts while maintaining large ID

Operational Procedure


The Sniper 225 multistage system is installed as part of the casing string during the completion process. The tools are spaced within the wellbore based on client requirements to effectively target the reservoir. The system can be run in a cemented or open hole completion.


Dissolvable balls are used to stimulate each zone individually throughout the completion. The Sniper 225 system enables a single ball size to pass through up to 224 sleeves before opening the designated sleeve providing reservoir access.


The stimulation treatment is then pumped as designed. The process is repeated for subsequent stages to efficiently stimulate the entire wellbore.