At Interra Energy Services, safety is an attitude that goes without compromise.

We hold safety as our pillar for execution on all projects and subscribe to the philosophy that “All workers will get home safely.” We care about our employees and contractors and all the individuals working with us on every project. We believe that no deficiency may go overlooked. The end result of this diligence continues to build an “attitude of safety” at Interra Energy Services.

Interra Energy Services abides by all safety codes in all jurisdictions that we operate. We take the time to assess all safety parameters before commencing work on any project. With constant communication with the governing bodies of Health and Safety and with industry, Interra continues to promote and maintain safety and safe work practices.

Environmental Commitment

At Interra Energy Services, all tools and technologies are designed with the goal of reducing environmental impact while improving efficiency. Our enviro-conscious tools require less fracturing fluid than competing systems, which means operators have the ability to limit their fluid and chemical use. By adopting Interra technologies, our clients reduce their environmental footprint on location and minimize surface impact.