Raptor/Raptor OC

Annular coiled tubing stimulation system designed to open and close for the life of the well.

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Interra Energy's Raptor™/Raptor OC™ multistage systems use mechanically shiftable sleeves that are opened in conjunction with our Velocity™ coiled tubing activation/isolation tool. The stimulation treatment is pumped down the annulus between the tubing and the casing inside diameter (ID). 

The Raptor sleeve has a one-way shiftable internal sleeve that locks open upon activation and provides full ID for future wellbore intervention. The positive-lock system also provides verification of sleeve position at surface. The internal sleeve pulls up to open preventing unintended shifting.

Our proprietary Raptor OC open/close sleeve additionally provides complete stimulation and production control capabilities throughout the life of the well. Operators can optimize hydrocarbon recovery through manipulation of the internal sleeve to shut off water and gas.

features and advantages

  • Unlimited stimulation stages
  • Unrestricted full ID wellbore
    • Provides limitless remediation and restimulation possibilities
    • Does not require drill out, saving money
  • Circulate screen-outs quickly and easily, reducing downtime
  • Pull up to open prevents unintended shifting
  • Raptor sleeve positive-lock system provides verification of sleeve position
  • Raptor OC sleeve provides unlimited open/close capability for:
    • Selective stimulation and production for optimized recovery
    • Zone closure immediately after stimulation to reduce sand inflow and promote fracture healing
    • Shut off of water/gas or thief zones
  • Specially designed cement/debris sealing system ensures reliable tool activation
  • Can be run in cemented or open hole completion designs
  • Does not require a toe port to activate the first stage
  • Does not require pup joints

Operational Procedure


The Raptor or Raptor OC multistage system is installed as part of the casing string during the completion process. The tools are spaced within the wellbore based on client requirements to effectively target the reservoir. The system can be run in a cemented or open hole completion.


Interra Energy’s Velocity activation/isolation tool is then deployed on coiled tubing (or jointed pipe) to activate and stimulate each stage within the wellbore. With the isolation tool positioned below the first Raptor sleeve, upward movement of the tubing opens the sleeve providing reservoir access.


The Velocity activation/isolation tool is then set below the Raptor sleeve and the stimulation treatment is then pumped down the annulus. The process is repeated for subsequent stages to efficiently stimulate the wellbore in a single tool deployment. The Velocity coiled tubing tool is also able to shift the Raptor OC sleeve closed post-stimulation.