Pressure test for maximum wellbore integrity and immediately initiate reservoir communication upon bleed-down.

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Interra Energy’s Howitzer™ toe sleeve is pressure-activated and run on casing to the toe of the well. This tool is used to both pressure test completion string integrity and establish communication to the formation prior to stimulation operations.

The proprietary Howitzer toe sleeve enables testing of the completion string at maximum stimulation pressure followed by the sleeve automatically opening at a lower pressure. The design enables multiple tools to be deployed in the same well to replace the first perforated stimulation “cluster,” saving significant time and cost.

Features and Advantages

  • Pressure test casing to maximum required operating levels prior to stimulation

  • Establish communication between completion string and formation for pump down or ball-drop operations

  • Eliminates use of tractors, coiled tubing, perforating and other intervention methods to establish communication prior to commencing stimulation operations

  • Increases operational efficiency by eliminating additional days required by existing methods

  • Reduces operational risk and increases safety by reducing manpower required on location

  • Reduce overall completion costs

  • Meets or exceeds all North American regulatory requirements

  • Does not require pup joints

Operational Procedure


The Howitzer toe sleeve is installed near the toe of the well as part of the casing string during the completion process. The tool can be run in a cemented or open hole completion.


After a successful pressure test of the casing, pressure is bled off, which automatically activates the tool providing assured flow area through all ports.


The Howitzer toe sleeve can be used to stimulate the first treatment stage of your well, or can simply provide communication for all prestimulation operations.