Extend lateral length, maintain ‘cluster’ design

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Each Sleeve within a Gatling Cluster will shift open, but communication to formation does not occur until final sleeve has shifted.

Each Sleeve within a Gatling Cluster will shift open, but communication to formation does not occur until final sleeve has shifted.


Increasing lateral length allows operators to access and stimulate more reservoir while minimizing the surface footprint.  This method also allows for a significant increase in efficiency per well as a single well bore can now access more horizontal reservoir in the zone of production.  


 The increase in lateral length means that new technologies must be developed to optimize the operational efficiencies while providing economic advantages.  Longer laterals can push beyond the limits of conventional completion technology; specifically coil tubing drillouts of plugs and profiles can become both costly and impossible.


Placed at the toe in extended reach applications, the Gatling BDS Limited Entry System eliminates the need to clean out the toe with coiled tubing by using dissolvable balls enabling significant cost savings.

Interra Energy’s Gatling BDS Limited Entry System allows multiple Gatling Sleeves to be opened with a single ball simulating a plug-and-perf cluster. This unique design enables an unlimited number of Gatling Sleeves to be deployed in a single cluster. The Gatling flow port configuration can be customized to match a limited-entry perforation (LEP) frac design commonly used in plug-and-perf completions.

Features and Benefits

•           Single ball opens multiple Gatling Sleeves for ‘cluster’ fracturing

•           Innovative flow port design prevents formation communication until all Gatling Sleeves in cluster have been ball activated

•           Unlimited number of Gatling Sleeves can be deployed in a single cluster

•           Industry leader in number of entry points

•           Customizable flow ports to match limited-entry perforation (LEP) frac design

•           Can be installed at the toe of extended reach wells where coiled tubing limitations are exceeded

•           Locking mechanism keeps Gatling Sleeve open once activated

•           Efficient ball drop stimulation instantaneous stage-to-stage transition

•           Requires less stimulation fluid than other completion methods

•           Reduces time on location results in cost savings

•           Compact tool length eliminates need for pup joints

•           Can be run in cemented or open hole completions

•           Compatible with industry standard wiper plugs

•           Can be integrated with other completion technologies to increase stage counts while maintaining large ID

•           Simple, reliable design with pressure indication at surface as ball passes each Gatling Sleeve and when the Gatling flow ports open to formation