A straddle system that reliably isolates new or existing perforation intervals for hydraulic stimulation.

AccuStim NEW.png

Interra Energy’s AccuStim™ straddle packer provides stimulation services on preperforated or coiled tubing activated sleeve systems.

Featuring a fully enclosed system, our proprietary design mitigates the risk of proppant and wellbore debris affecting the mechanical operation of the tool. Additionally, the bypass system minimizes time between stages resulting in maximum efficiency during stimulation.

Whether you are completing a new well, restimulating existing stages or activating hydraulically actuated sleeves, the AccuStim straddle packer provides an efficient and reliable option.


  • Activating StrataJet™ hydraulically actuated sleeves for stimulation
  • Stimulating preperforated zones
  • Acidizing/acid stimulation
  • Testing of individual zones

features and advantages

  • Stimulate multiple stages in a single trip
  • Large injection port
  • Integrated fluid diverter
  • Proprietary hydraulic hold down for all pressure applications
  • Pressure automatically equalizes when unset
  • Tri-seal design to ensure isolation between stages
  • Ability to place data recorders in bottom hole assembly (BHA)

Operational Procedure


The AccuStim straddle packer is deployed on coiled tubing (or jointed pipe) to the first StrataJet sleeve or pre-perforated interval. The straddle assembly is set in compression to fully isolate the interval from all other stages.


For StrataJet sleeve applications, pressure is applied down the coiled tubing (or jointed pipe) to activate and open the sleeve. The stimulation treatment is pumped through the tubing for both sleeve and pre-perforated interval applications. Weight is released from the packer to move the straddle assembly uphole to efficiently stimulate subsequent stages in a single deployment.