Enhances operators' ability to maximize steam conformance in SAGD injector wells.

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Interra Energy’s AccuSteam™ injection system provides maximum steam conformance in steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) applications to optimize steam oil ratios (SOR).

The AccuSteam injection system is deployed in the lateral section of the injection string, providing uniform steam diversion and maximizing reservoir contact. Pressure drop throughout the lateral can be manipulated through custom nozzle selection.

In addition, the AccuSteam injection system provides open and close capability throughout the well life. Interventions on coiled tubing or jointed pipe provide the ability to manipulate the internal sleeve position of the AccuSteam valve, enabling optimized steam injection and oil production.

Features and Advantages

  • Flow area of each valve is customizable through internal nozzle configuration
  • Open and close capability provides injection control
  • Interra Energy’s AccuShift™ straddle packer allows for multiple sleeve shifts on a single run
  • Built-in tension mechanism to identify shifting of sleeve from surface
  • Proprietary nozzle design reduces plugging of ports
  • Full inside diameter (ID) design allows for future interventions throughout life of the well
  • All tools are equipped with premium coatings and seals to ensure longevity in the well
  • Does not require pup joints