Hydraulically actuated sleeve eliminates the need for perforating to initiate reservoir communication.

Interra Energy’s AccuJet™ toe sleeve is pressure activated and run on casing to the toe of the well to establish communication with the formation. This eliminates the use of coiled tubing or tubing-conveyed perforating for the first stage of plug-and-perf operations.

After establishing communication, the AccuJet toe sleeve can also be used to stimulate the formation for the first treatment stage of your well. Since commercialization, this tool has proven to be one of the most reliable toe sleeves on the market.

Features and Advantages

  • Increased efficiency compared with perforating the toe interval
  • Provides full flow area compared with traditional burst ports
  • No time delay to achieve communication with the formation
  • Differential pressure activation prevents premature opening during cementing operations
  • Activation pressure can be configured to reservoir requirements
  • Can be deployed with an optional ball seat for pressure testing liner integrity
  • Can be run in cemented or open hole completions


Accujet Toe Sleeve Graph

operational procedure


The AccuJet toe sleeve is installed near the toe of the well as part of the casing string during the completion process. The tool can be run in a cemented or open hole completion.


After a successful pressure test of the casing, pressure is then increased to the pre-calculated opening pressure, which immediately activates the tool providing assured flow area through all ports.


The AccuJet toe sleeve can be used to stimulate the first treatment stage of your well, or can simply provide communication for all pre-stimulation operations.